Yikes! Week 5!

Okay, once again this post is going to be pretty freakin' vague. Sundy and I are still waiting to hear back from our wedding client, so we haven't had a chance to print that job. I can't post the Willie one because it doesn't take place until the 20th of Oct. 

I've gotten approval on my Christmas poster (but haven't printed it yet, and won't be able to post photos for a long time) and I got a job doing a 2-year-old's birthday poster. The family it pretty cool. They do a poster for each of their kid's birthdays until the age of 5. This one is a snowball & hot cocoa party (how adorable). It's been approved, but once again I can't really post it until December. 

I also got a new job for a band in California. I'm still working on the layout for that one. For some reason it's the most difficult poster I've had to design. I'm confident it will end up being sweet, but I have definitely been struggling more with that one. 

This week we also had a 5th intern. Mark hails from outside of London and is doing a whirlwind letterpress tour in the U.S. He was up at Hamilton in Two Rivers, WI for 2 weeks, came to Hatch for a week and is now on his way to Knoxville to hang with Yee-Haw for a week. He was a fun guy to have around and a total letterpress nerd, so it was a lot of fun to talk nerdy letterpress things with him. I doubt he will read this, but Have fun at Yee-Haw!

We also got the okay to come in and work on Saturdays. Super Super Awesome. I went in yesterday and printed my first non-job poster. I'd post a photo of it, but it's kind of a surprise for someone. It's two colors though and I think it turned out pretty well. It's definitely different from the other stuff I've been printing, but I'm totally okay with that. 

I also am going to start carving a linoleum block. I really wanted to do a poster using broken type and started talking to Bethany. I knew the type was going to be fragile and a pain to print and Bethany said it made more sense to cut a lino for it instead. I haven't actually carved anything since high-school so I'm really excited to start this one. It's going to be a little crazy, and it will probably drive me nuts that I can't change the position of the type, but I think it will be a really good learning experience.  (I posted a photo of the broken type I proofed). 

Brad is out for all of next week (and last Friday) he's going to be in Utah and we are going to miss him while he's gone. 

Oh right, it was really foggy one morning so I took some photos. Also I rode my bike 6 days in a row. My legs are going to be killer. 



The Dombeck’s in Nashville

I wanted to make a more complete post about last weekend. Last weekend Chris' parents and youngest brother came to see me in Nashville. It was incredibly wonderful to see them and to show them (and in some ways myself) around Nashville. 

I really wanted to do things that they would enjoy and I hope that worked out. It was definitely a packed weekend. 

They arrived on Friday and Chris & I headed to their hotel to watch the rest of the Brewer's game but we actually left when they went into overtime. We headed to Brown's Diner and ate a whole bunch of cheeseburgers and found out that the Brewers one very quickly in the next inning. Which was awesome. 

Saturday we met up and headed out to the Loveless. It was funny because they also had an art sale & bluegrass event going on. It took us an hour and a half to sit down and eat, which at first seemed daunting, but the time went by quite fast. We walked around all the little shops and then played their bag toss game. Chris won. Against both Me & Sam. 

I think we all ate a fair amount of their famous biscuits. 

After that we headed back downtown and I gave them a tour of Hatch. We also walked around the Ryman Auditorium and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. After that we headed to The Flying Saucer and had some food and drinks… I had a Rum & Coke with a Vanilla Bean infused Vodka made in Nashville! I'll definitely have to find some more of that because it was pretty killer. 

We then headed to Jack's BBQ as Chris has been craving their smoked turkey since January. Sadly, they were out of it (Chris- You just have to come back!). We also ended up standing in front of a group that was also from Wisconsin. So Chris' parents talked to them while we waited in line. 

I know you think that Saturday should be over by now, but you don't know how we roll. After Jack's we went to Mike's for Ice Cream. It was just as tasty as always. With full bellies and tired legs, we called it a night. 

On Sunday Chris & I headed to Bongo Java's for Coffee, Tea & Internet. After that we met up with the rest of the Dombeck's to have brunch at the Holland House. The food and drinks were amazing, but the service was pretty freaking slow. Usually I'm okay with taking my time eating, but this was even slow for my taste. 

It was such a nice day that we decided to go to Cheekwood. It was incredibly pretty there. They had a miniature train set up that traveled around reconstructions of major buildings & locations in Tennessee… I feel like a few of my favorite toddlers would have loved seeing these… especially because they had a Thomas train. Cheekwood also has a sculpture garden. I was pretty happy to find out that they had a James Turrell piece. (Look for the pictures with a large circle). The grounds themselves were beautiful and I think it was really nice to walk around outside on such a nice day. 

After Cheekwood we went back to the hotel to catch the rest of the Brewer's game & ate room service appetizers. After the Brewer's won, we headed to Mello Mushroom for Pizza. Chris and I had been there before and the pizza is pretty amazing, but once again our service was awful. We waited about 25 minutes to just get drinks on our table. And we had to ask 3 different people multiple times before they switched the TV to the Packer's game. The pizza was still good. 

I absolutely love the Dombeck (and Friel) family. I am incredibly lucky to be with someone with such an amazing family. After we ate they bought my groceries. I know that sounds like a somewhat easy thing to do, but my money situation is pretty rough right now and getting groceries was an amazing, wonderful and kind thing to do for me and I am so grateful for it and I cannot begin to thank them enough for everything they have done for me this weekend and for the past (almost) five years. 

On Monday morning Chris and I met up with everyone for breakfast before I had to go to Hatch and everyone else had to drive home. It was a wonderful weekend and I really hope everyone had as much fun as I did. 


Week FOUR!?

I can't believe it's been a month. 

This week was a Willie (Nelson) filled week. I can't show the final poster yet, but one of the 3 Willie posters this week was the first that the interns designed and printed. I'm pretty proud of how that poster turned out and I was lucky enough to print both layers and do a major part of the poster design. 

We also were split up into 2 groups and each of the groups got two jobs. Sundy and I had a second Willie poster and a Wedding poster and Kate and Jenny had a Smithsonian poster and a Wedding poster. I'll post those when I can. 

At the end of the week we were also given our first solo jobs… I'm doing a Christmas Concert. 

I guess this is where my posts might be a little short simply because I can't post quite as much detail on my weekly designs. 
I did go to Brown's Diner last Sunday to listen to some music. There are a couple photos from that.

The other reason this post is so short is because the Dombeck Clan (sans Tim) came to visit me! When Chris told me his parents were planning a trip, I became extremely happy. I started to make a list of things to do with them, with my mom & step dad and when Chris makes a solo trip. I'm pretty happy to say we just about covered everything on the Dombeck Trip list. 

Here's the basics:
Brown's Diner for Cheeseburgers
Loveless Cafe for Breakfast
Hatch Show Print for obvious reasons
Walked around the Ryman Auditorium Building
Toured the Country Music Hall of Fame
Jack's BBQ for the awesome BBQ
Mike's Ice Cream

Today we are going to the Holland House for Brunch, somewhere to watch the Brewer's game & possibly the Station Inn to hear some bluegrass. 


Week Three is Complete, Part 3- Designing!?!?

So after the setting of type, the printing of the posters we set, Brad split us up into two groups (2 interns each) and gave us our first job. The first one is a reprint for the Grand Ol' Opry. Sundy and I have a 3-color crazy poster and Kate & Jenny have Carrie Underwood's induction poster. 

The poster we have has 3 colors that pretty much all overlap. There's a chance I jumped on the chance to reprint this one instead of the Carrie Underwood. It seemed more complicated and I dig a challenge. Sundy and I have printed the first two colors, but I don't have any pictures of that, just the first layer locked up in the press. 

We also got our first (non-reprint) job. I can't post anything about that one, but it's really exciting. 

I also have a final print of our Coffee poster & we finished the postcards. 

Other things that happened this week:

It was Bluegrass Week. And because of my awesome roommate/owner-of-the-house-I'm-sleeping-in-for-two-months (who was actually singing at one point in our place and I totally thought it was a recording) I ended up meeting Bob Moore. Look him up. He's pretty much played bass on every good song ever. He's played with Elvis, Roy Orbison, Kenny Rogers, Burl Ives, etc. He's also full of awesome stories, that I am definitely keeping to myself (or at least not posting it to a blog). 

So there goes week 3. 


Week Three is Complete, Part 2: Printing A Proof, Keep it Simple

The way Hatch prints proofs is awesome. Here's the basics:

– Put some heavy (metal) furniture on all sides of your design. 
– Use a dark color to ink (frequently there will already be something out)
– Ink heavier than you would on the press & ink at an angle as to not lift any type. Make sure to go over it a few times (at least once w/o re-inking the brayer) to make sure the ink is even. 
– Lay a piece of tracing paper down & rub w/ your hand (or a spoon) over the whole design. Make sure any small letters come through. 
– Take the paper off, lay it on the ground and sprinkle some cornstarch (or offset powder) on the paper in a line. Grab the two corners closest to that line and let the powder slowly travel the length of the design.
– Pour the remainder back. Use a rag to dust off the rest of the powder. 
– Check your proof. 

The first poster we completed from start to finish was a restrike of a Roy Orbison poster. 


Week Three is Complete, Part 1: Set Type, Keep it Simple


This week we started setting type. The biggest thing I took from it was Brad saying, "Keep it Simple." 

Instead of using 3 single pica reglets use one piece of 3 pica furniture. 

If a letter is cut out from its original shape, it is so that you can kern the letter closer to another letter with a cut out. This drove me totally insane before, but now that I know it's useful, I'm not so crazy. 

Keep it Simple? Don't use the cut letters if you don't have to, it will just make more work for yourself. 

When setting type, try and use letters that give you the largest chance that they will print easily. Check the letters be checking the glare. Check for bumps, texture, etc. If you have a letter that has ink still on it, there's a chance it didn't print well before and didn't get cleaned right away (hence the ink). Also check the material of the letter. Sometimes replacement letters were created using cheaper materials or were cut from linoleum. If possible, avoid these too. 

The composing stick is the telling sign as to how something will be in the press. Use the same stick and don't change its settings, that way everything will be the tight to the same length making it easier to set things up in the press. If you need to adjust a line after the fact, put it back in the the composing stick.