Mostly Non-Hatch Update.

I don't really have a lot of time outside of Hatch since I'm there Monday through Saturday and when I do have time to do anything, it usually involves cooking, grocery shopping or updating this thing. However, every once in awhile I get out and do something. 

When B&P (mom and step dad) were here we ate a lot of food. We went to Jack's BBQ, Past Perfect, Bongo Java's, Bill got a hot dog from the hot dog stand in East Nashville, we went to Beyond the Edge, Pied Piper Eatery and Mad Donna's. Other than food we also went to Hatch, The huge Flea Market at the Fair grounds, Grimey's Record Store (I would have bought so many things if I had any money what-so-ever) and we went to McKay's Bookstore. 

I have been frequenting the Goodwill that's close to the house. I have found some super amazing clothes and of course some very ridiculous ones… usually with brilliant tags. ( I posted a few photos of those).

Because it's Nashville, whenever I hang out with Jhesi, it's usually to listen to music. I am in no way complaining about that either because the music that is played live here is amazing, including Jhesi herself. She played at Brown's on Halloween with Jann, Dan & Susie. 

We also go to Layla's (a bluegrass bar on Broadway) after work sometimes. They have a ton of license plates on the ceiling which looks really killer. I like going in there, even if I don't take advantage of their $1 PBR before 6 pm. 

I have also been making friends with like, every pet I come in contact with. Jhesi has an adorable chihuahua named Ernesto that has a fair amount of photos on my phone by now. She also has three cats. Two of which are mother and daughter and tend to do cute things like cuddle on the kitchen counter. I have also made friends with the neighborhood cat family. Mainly the cute orange tabby kitten. I figured it was time that I posted some photos of all of them. 

The last thing that I will mention is the Bluebird Cafe. I really didn't know what to expect when Kathy (Hatch employee and fellow Oregonian) invited us to the Bluebird to hear her husband Craig play. I wasn't too happy with the $7 breadsticks I ordered (there's usually some form of a cover- on Friday you had to spend at least $7 on food and/or alcohol). But the music was incredible and the whole experience was more than amazing. Their were 4 musicians playing: Craig Carothers, Annie Mosher, Tony Arata & Scott Kinsey. They were sitting across from each other like a compass and would take turns playing a song (usually with a lot of commentary most of which was hilarious between each song). It was amazing. I wish I had enough money to buy all of their CD's. I purchased two, which was even too much for my wallet, but I couldn't help it. They were just so amazing. 

I couldn't remember how to spell Craig's last name, so I looked it up. Turns out he's heading to Oregon on the 11th- 13th. Including playing at the Kennedy School on the 13th. He was awesome and really funny too. So any of my PDX friends out there that might actually read this should check it out… If you do, tell him Megan, a current Hatchling, sent you. 



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