I’m home.

One week ago I was beginning my last day at Hatch. It seems like a dream. I have to keep looking at pictures and the pile of posters behind me to remind me it was all real. Speaking of posters, holy crap. Since we were able to print on Saturdays, I have piles of posters. They will go down significantly after the holidays, but still. Holy Crap. But I'm not complaining.

While in Nashville, I wasn't able to access any of my photos from my "real" camera, every photo I posted was from my phone. Now that I'm home, I'm finally able to look at them and start to get them ready for uploading. It's going to take awhile. I have over 700 pictures on one camera. But I'm going to start. I promise. When they are done, I'll upload them on my flickr account and make them viewable to all. 

In the meantime, here are a few. 



OMG. Week 9.

There's a very high chance that this will be my last update while in Nashville. By this time next week I should be packed up and heading back to Marietta. I keep trying to tell myself that in hopes that it will sink in, it's not working. 

I said last week that I didn't think I would get any more jobs while I was here, but I actually ended up getting two more this week. One is a summer poster for Vanderbilt and the other is a collage poster for a woman. The summer poster will most likely be printed after I leave, which is kinda sad. It's a 400 quantity, 3 color poster that will have at least two of those colors printed on the Miehle. The other is a 3 color poster in a much smaller quantity… like, 5. I'm assuming that I'll be printing that one this week. With those two, it marks my client jobs at 8. 

I really didn't know what to expect from the internship, but I really didn't think I'd have the chance to design, print and work with 8 different clients on my own, plus 2 with Sundy and 1 with all 3 of the other interns. That's a total of 11 posters in 10 weeks. I'm pretty happy with that. Since we have been able to come in on Saturdays to print our own work, my total poster count goes up to 21. Seriously. 21. And you wonder why I'm going to miss this place? 

Speaking of Saturdays, I'm so incredibly happy that we have been given the opportunity to work on our own stuff. I'll make sure to post pictures after the holidays of the secret special ones, and when I get some good photos of the others, I'll post those too. Yesterday was my last day to come in on a Saturday, and I printed one of those secret special ones and the 4 'Broken Type' Linocuts that I carved last week. There's a photo of two of them locked up. I'm excited to get home and have the ability to continue to work on those prints, I feel like they have a lot of potential. 

Last weekend Jim & Brad were up in Two River's Wisconsin at the Wayzgoose hosted by Hamilton Wood Type. I would absolutely love to go to one of them. Print Nerds, Wood Type & Wisconsin? Yes please. 

Last night I went to my first ever Pickin' Party. For all of you out there who don't know what a pickin' party is (and I didn't until arriving in Nashville) I will do my best to explain. A Pickin'  Party is a group of musicians who get together and play music: usually bluegrass and old country songs. They stand in a circle of sorts and someone picks a song and everyone joins in. When a musician gets tired, or wants a beer, another person who plays the same instrument steps in and the music continues. Last night's Pickin' Party was hosted at Josh Brand's house in honor of his Uncle (and banjo player) coming down for a visit from Michigan. There were two groups of musicians: one in the living room and one on the back porch. It was incredible. There was homemade chili and cornbread, a fire in the backyard with people going on wood runs to keep it burning, music, music lovers, artists, people from the ages of 21-70, beer, talking and lots of laughter. At the end of the night someone made mussels in a green curry sauce with fresh bread. In true Nashville fashion there was at least one famous person (in this case a Grammy winning guitarist) who never once mentioned his fame (I didn't actually know until I got home). He just hung out played music and told jokes by the fire. I can honestly say that Nashville is one of the friendliest and most down to earth cities I have ever been to. 

When I say I will miss Nashville, I truly mean it. 

I'm also posting some photos from around Nashville. One of the awesome full moon and another from the Veteran's day parade where old time Hatch employee and Miehle runner, Dan, participated. 


Mostly Non-Hatch Update.

I don't really have a lot of time outside of Hatch since I'm there Monday through Saturday and when I do have time to do anything, it usually involves cooking, grocery shopping or updating this thing. However, every once in awhile I get out and do something. 

When B&P (mom and step dad) were here we ate a lot of food. We went to Jack's BBQ, Past Perfect, Bongo Java's, Bill got a hot dog from the hot dog stand in East Nashville, we went to Beyond the Edge, Pied Piper Eatery and Mad Donna's. Other than food we also went to Hatch, The huge Flea Market at the Fair grounds, Grimey's Record Store (I would have bought so many things if I had any money what-so-ever) and we went to McKay's Bookstore. 

I have been frequenting the Goodwill that's close to the house. I have found some super amazing clothes and of course some very ridiculous ones… usually with brilliant tags. ( I posted a few photos of those).

Because it's Nashville, whenever I hang out with Jhesi, it's usually to listen to music. I am in no way complaining about that either because the music that is played live here is amazing, including Jhesi herself. She played at Brown's on Halloween with Jann, Dan & Susie. 

We also go to Layla's (a bluegrass bar on Broadway) after work sometimes. They have a ton of license plates on the ceiling which looks really killer. I like going in there, even if I don't take advantage of their $1 PBR before 6 pm. 

I have also been making friends with like, every pet I come in contact with. Jhesi has an adorable chihuahua named Ernesto that has a fair amount of photos on my phone by now. She also has three cats. Two of which are mother and daughter and tend to do cute things like cuddle on the kitchen counter. I have also made friends with the neighborhood cat family. Mainly the cute orange tabby kitten. I figured it was time that I posted some photos of all of them. 

The last thing that I will mention is the Bluebird Cafe. I really didn't know what to expect when Kathy (Hatch employee and fellow Oregonian) invited us to the Bluebird to hear her husband Craig play. I wasn't too happy with the $7 breadsticks I ordered (there's usually some form of a cover- on Friday you had to spend at least $7 on food and/or alcohol). But the music was incredible and the whole experience was more than amazing. Their were 4 musicians playing: Craig Carothers, Annie Mosher, Tony Arata & Scott Kinsey. They were sitting across from each other like a compass and would take turns playing a song (usually with a lot of commentary most of which was hilarious between each song). It was amazing. I wish I had enough money to buy all of their CD's. I purchased two, which was even too much for my wallet, but I couldn't help it. They were just so amazing. 

I couldn't remember how to spell Craig's last name, so I looked it up. Turns out he's heading to Oregon on the 11th- 13th. Including playing at the Kennedy School on the 13th. He was awesome and really funny too. So any of my PDX friends out there that might actually read this should check it out… If you do, tell him Megan, a current Hatchling, sent you. 


The weeks are flying by 6,7,8!

Well, I have been so crazy busy that I haven't had a chance to update in awhile. My mom, step dad & Chris were in town two weeks ago and last weekend I met up with my brother's old girlfriend. Since I only trek my computer to Bongo Java's on Sunday, I haven't been able to update anything! Ah!

I have to keep re-reading my last full post to remember where I left off, it seems like so long ago that I was working on the stuff I mentioned. 

So let's see, I CAN post the Willie poster now… the even happened Oct. 20th. The Willie poster was the first job that all four of us interns worked on, which seems like ages ago. Sundy & I were able to print our wedding poster and that you can also see because the client picked it up. I finished the Christmas Poster, which you can't see for awhile, but it was one of the more difficult lock ups I've had. I also finished the California job and the 2 year old's Birthday poster… I'll post those when I can as well I think I can at least post a sneak preview of those. 

What about new jobs you ask? Well, I started and finished 3 other posters and there's a high chance they will be my last jobs while I'm here, which is more than just a little sad. The last three were: Nile's Bluegrass Festival, 3 Doors Down & Drew Holcomb. I will be able to post a few of them soon. 

With the Drew Holcomb poster I was able to do a pressure print. I'll have to take some better pictures of the process before I try and explain it. But I am really happy I got to try it out and I can't wait to get home and experiment more with them!

We had another week long intern from Minneapolis. Morgan was pretty awesome and definitely was a wonderful person to meet and chat with. She also got a tattoo while she was here of a sweet looking number 5, it turned out way cool. I hope that our paths will cross again soon. 

I am still so happy that we are able to come in and work on our own projects on Saturday's. I finished printing the first broken type linocut and yesterday I prepped 4 smaller ones. I also printed four other posters. Three of them are surprises, so I can't post them yet. And the last one was just a ridiculous poster that I wanted to make for absolutely no reason at all except that I really wanted an excuse to use large ligatures and a super killer tuscan style exclamation point. So what exactly did I decide to print using these two elements? A poster that says 'Waffle Fight' of course. 

Tomorrow marks the start of our 9th week here. I can't believe it. I feel simultaneously that I have been here forever and not long enough. That I know everyone so well, and not at all. I told Jhesi a few weeks ago (I think) that I've been getting a very "Summer Camp" vibe lately. And not in a bad way because I loved going to camp and usually cried when I had to leave. But we have all been smashed together for a short amount of time and have become so close in that time that it seems impossible to go back to my "normal" life. I am definitely going to miss Hatch, all the people I have met both in and outside of Hatch and Nashville in general. I have to soak in my last two weeks here and hope that I will be able to come back  at some point because this city and the people that make it up have had a real impact on me.