2nd Week Has Come to an End, Part 3- Posters & Postcards, Oh My!

The big ol' Miehle is busted and because of that, larger orders were being printed on the Vandercook Universal Three (a.k.a. "the back press"). One of the prints that needed to go out was an 800 count 3-color poster. (I have pictures, but I can only post the ones that you can't tell who the client is or what the final poster looks like until after the client gets them… so stay tuned, I'll post them later). 

We also printed the first layer for one of Bethany's posters… I can't remember who the client was, but I'll get a good final picture of that poster once the client gets it. So here's some random sneaky pics. 

We also printed some postcards. We were printing them on the "Front Press" and we were able to change to colors while we were printing, which was a lot of fun. We did the same with the second color. I tried a few "Split Fountains" (using two colors at once, they blend in the middle due to the occilating roller on the press) and one of them came out awesome. I'll try to find it on Monday and get a good picture. 

So that's about it for the 2nd week. I'm super stoked to see what next week brings. 



2nd week has come and gone, Part 2 The Party is Totally This Way.

There's a pretty awesome story behind this poster that I am now going to bore you with. 

Chris' brother Tim turned 21 on the 22nd. (Happy Birthday Tim) I really wanted to send him a Hatch Poster for his birthday. I figured it was appropriate. But I had a hard time choosing which poster to send. I was thinking the Triple Johnny (Cash) would be sufficient, but I really wasn't sold on it. Then I saw this poster in the corner that read, "The Party is This Way". It seemed so fitting for a 21st birthday present and for someone who just moved into their first apartment. The only problem was there was only one poster left and it was looking a little haggard. 

I started saying this to one of the other interns when Brad comes over to me and asks me to help him collect everything to reprint a poster. Guess what. Same poster. How perfect is that? 

So not only do I get to send Tim the poster I wanted to send him, it's also the first poster that we printed and the first poster I helped set up to print. 

How perfect is that. 

Tim, if you are reading this, the poster will be in the mail on Monday. I tried to send it out today, but the Post Office closed at noon. 


2nd week has come and gone, PART 1- The Presses.

Because of the annoyance of posting from my phone, I've decided to make a multi-post update for this week… We did a lot, so this might take a little while. 

We have now learned how to use all of the Vandercook presses. There are three. 

The SP-15 (a.k.a. the "Front Press") which is used for slightly smaller items because it is a little smaller in size. We printed the first Coffee layer on it, but we can't print the second because it is just slightly too large. We also used it to print 2-color postcards & 2-color thank you cards for the Country Music Hall of Fame. A big difference between the "Front Press" and the other presses is that the bed can't be adjusted. Since it's a Proof Press the press bed isn't even type high, but slightly larger so you could slip a galley tray into the press. Because of this, Hatch has a metal plate in the press (the same height as a galley) and to adjust it further, you slip paper between that metal plate and the press bed. The one thing you have to remember is to listen for the clicks. It should click twice when you get to the end of the press. If you don't hear the two clicks, whatever you are printing will print a copy on the tympan and then continue to print on the back of your future prints until it runs out of ink. In other words, a pain and a total "D'oh" moment.  

The Universal 1 (a.k.a. the "Mid Press"). It's a great press and pretty much everything can be printed on it. If the job is over 150 (or so) or it is slightly larger than the normal Hatch size, then it usually gets kicked to the "Back Press." We printed some of the second Coffee layer on the Uni 1, and we printed all of the "The Party is This Way" on it. As well as a few jobs for the other Hatch employees. 

The "Back Press" is a Vandercook Universal 3. It is a semi-automatic press. I really didn't think I would enjoy printing on it, but it is crazy awesome. The biggest thing about it (other than its size) is you get to stand in one spot instead of following the cylinder of the press down the press bed. All you have to do (and this is pretty simplified) is load the paper into the grippers and press a toggle button. The paper goes down the press bed and you press another button to bring it back. When you bring it back, the paper goes up two little straps and comes back right where you loaded it in (I'll try and get a picture or a video to show this, because it's kind of hard to explain.) We printed an 800 count 3-color poster on it as well as the first layer of another poster and the beginning of a 1000 count 2-color poster. 

I should also say that when I say "we" I generally mean the 4 interns of which I am one. However for some of the posters we haven't been the only ones printing (like the 800 count 3-color poster). We (interns) haven't been setting up the client posters for printing either, I believe we are going to start learning that next week, but for this past week (for client jobs) we have been helping out with the printing. If that makes sense… 

Anyway. those are the presses. 

Next up, The Part is Totally This Way. 


I found a dog.


Well this isn’t exactly about Hatch, but it did happen on my way there
this morning.

I left early this morning in hopes that I could mail a 21st birthday present off to Chris’ little brother before work. As I was riding my bike, this little puppy comes running towards me (across a major road mind you). I got her to come over to me and she rolled onto her tummy.

I checked her tags, but she only had a home again tag (which hadn’t been activated yet) & a Humane Society tag (they didn’t open until 10 a.m. and it was just before 9). My last ditch effort was to call Animal Control… they couldn’t give me any time frame, so I sat with the little pup and waited.

10 o’clock arrives and I call the Humane Society. Turns out she was adopted 3 days ago and at the shelter her name was Moonpie.

I called her owner and he came and grabbed her.

On my way home from Hatch today, I ran into them again. I realized I never asked what her new name was…


1st Week & 1st Prints

My first week at Hatch has come to an end and I don’t think it could have ended better. Today we got to print on the front press (it’s a vandercook but I don’t remember which type). I can see why people dig vandercooks now. We also printed on the C&P pilot. When I get home I’m going to have to tweak mine some more because it is definitely not printing the same way the Hatch one prints. The poster we are printing is one of the most popular restrikes… I can say it’s not really my favorite, but then again it is coffee related and I don’t drink coffee. It was also very messy. We were hand-inking (actually using brayers) each print and we had like 5 or 6 colors and brayers for each. It can look cool, but I am so used to staying pretty clean when I’m printing that I started to get annoyed when I was running back to wash my hands off multiple times. Next week we’ll finish up this first layer and print the next one. I think we are shooting for around 300. It was also kind of interesting to see how the four of us interns approached inking the plate. I think it’s going to lead to a plethora of variety on the final prints. I look forward to seeing them (and keeping my favorites!) I have no idea what my plans are for this first weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to bum along with 2 of the other interns and see some of the sites. If not, I might ride or take the bus into town and wander around taking pics with my legit camera instead of my phone.  p.s. The last photo is some crazy dried ink. 


My Bike is at Hatch!

Today I rode my bike. Two years ago that was a common occurrence, but since moving to Georgia a year ago, I have been on my bike once.

It’s a great feeling and I’m so happy to be able to ride again. Weather permitting, I’ll be riding the two days a week that I don’t drive in… plus to the grocery store and anywhere else I want or need to go.

It took just under 30 minutes to get in today which is awesome because I took my sweet time and took some pictures. I allotted myself an hour, so I also got in quite early and got a cup of oj from Panera. Sweet Sweet Orange Juice.

Today we are printing for the first time at Hatch. I’ll update more on that later, but it’s pretty cool. We’re doing a restrike of super popular coffee poster and we are hand-inking (well, we’re really using brayers) them so they are all different.


PLEASE excuse the weirdness of these posts. I’ve been trying to post everything from my phone, and it keeps either deleting what I write, or spacing it weird or not spacing it at all. When I can be on a computer for any amount of time (granted I’m writing this on a computer right now) I’ll fix those annoyances.