So It Begins!


It seems like forever ago that I was submitting my application to intern at Hatch… granted it was about 5 months ago that I submitted it for the summer program, only to find out that you had to be currently enrolled in college to be accepted for a summer internship. But I didn't mind, and everything truly worked out for the better. Oh right, I also got accepted. Starting September 12th, I'll be in Nashville interning my heart out. 

I'm nervous. I'm excited. 

It's definitely going to be strange being away for two months, which will be the longest Chris and I have been apart in the almost 5 years we've been together (coincidentally we'll celebrate our 5 year anniversary the day before my internship ends). 

Currently… I'm figuring out logistics. Where to stay, what to bring, that sort of thing. 

But this begins a journey that will last at least until mid-November, but will hopefully remain an active part of my life for many years to come. 

Here's to Hatch!